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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When Do We Start And Finish The Daily Cruise?

Daily cruises last about 8 hours, usually starting from 9.30am and coming back to the harbor around 5.30pm. We will do our best to tailor the cruise as you wish, so we can be flexible in departure for +1hour (to depart by 10-10.30am and return by 6-6.30pm).

2. Can We Bring Our Kids/Baby On Cruise?

The age of the passenger is not an issue, but please keep in mind if children are on board during the cruise you shall be fully responsible for their behavior, safety and entertainment during the trip, while Ray Yachting will provide you with all safety equipment and inform you about the safety procedures on board the yacht.

3. How Many Miles We Can Cover For A Day / What Is My Yacht Cruise Speed?

The average distances between the Ionian Islands are 12-20 miles. Every day we normally stop in three to four bays for swimming and once for lunch or walk. However, on tailor-made cruises the maximum mileage traveled is 60-70 miles per day.

Our cruising speed is approximately 22 knots.

4. Can We Cruise In The Night?

No. We normally leave the harbor around 9:30 a.m. and after a few hours of cruising and a few hours anchored in bays, we return (or go to the next island, if it is a long cruise) around 5-6 p.m. where we stay moored until the next morning.

5. Can We Have A Lunch On Board?

Yes we can offer a lunch on board but we can also moor in some village, so you can have an extra impression of the island we are visiting, and also opportunity to have a nice lunch in local tavern. Most of our packages include snacks and fruits as well as refreshments at your disposal all day. Please note that due to the Covid-19 regulations, we might have to alter our on board offering.

6. Will I Get Seasick?

Very rarely people get seasick onboard as we usually suggest the cruise in the areas where the winds are not too strong and the waves never too big. If you are worried about seasickness, you should take with you sea sickness pills or a travel wrist band, and take it half hour before the cruise. If you realize you are getting seasick while we are cruising and you don’t have any pills with you, don’t worry as we normally have some onboard. A Medicine form is signed by the customer, for any type of medicine provided.

7. Can You Pick Us Up Somewhere Else, Near Our Hotel?

Theoretically we can pick you up wherever there is a port or way to safely moor and embark. In practice that often means an extra cost of fuel, which will be added as an extra charge according to the point of embarkation.

Of course, there are some places that are on our way during some cruises, and there would be no problem to pick you up with no additional cost.

We can also arrange you the transfer from your accommodation to our vessel.

8. What Type Of Sun Protection Should I Use?

We insist that you use a cream instead of an oily lotion because oil will stain the teak deck and create slippery surfaces which are dangerous on a yacht. Also, we would appreciate it if you wouldn’t use the types that contain coloring agents as again they stain the surfaces of the yacht. A practical tip is to avoid the types that are in a spray bottle, as half of your cream will end up blown away with the wind.

9. Do You Serve Alcohol Onboard?

A reasonable amount of beers and local wine, is served and is included in our daily cruise packages.

10. How Many Swim Stops We Will Have?

This basically depends on you, how much time you spend in every bay. According to our experience we usually do 3-4 swim stops but that is up to you.

11. What Do We Need To Bring With Us?

We recommend that you bring a hat, sun protection, extra dry clothes and of course your swimsuits and money.

12. What Happens If I Have A Medical Condition?

If you have any medical condition, as long as you have cleared this with your doctor, you can take part on our cruises. A medical clearance form would have to be signed by the customer.


13. What Happens If I Am Pregnant

Congratulations! Well, this is great news. Just consult your doctor, as certain periods during your pregnancy are excluded for these types of activities.

14. What Happens If There Is Bad Weather?

There will be occasions where adverse weather will change our plans. In these cases and depending on the conditions we would be offering: a) an alternative route, b) full cancellation or c) alternative dates. Please check our terms and conditions for cases of cancellation.

15. What Type Of Safety Measures And Procedures Do You Have?

We have all the safety equipment as required by law: Life raft Arimar 10 person Mfd. 2019, Kids and Adults Life vests, 4 person Floating raft , Automatic fire suppression system for engine room( Foam), Several Hand held fire extinguishers GPS EPIRB tracer, VHF DSC all necessary insurances policys and certificates additionally we have the following: AIS collision avoidance, CCTV, Remote Monitoring , GSM LTE Phone, Third Party Insurance of 1million (€500 thousand by law)

Our boat has a fully equipped First Aid kit including an Adrenaline/ Epinephrine auto injector. We give a safety briefing before we leave port and we also keep a list of Medical emergency locations available close to our route