The delightful and cosmopolitan village of Fiscardo!

Fiscardo village is located 49.5 km north of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. The village is very much based around its waterfront with many private yachts and small fishing boats. This lovely spot offers nice views to the neighbour island of Ithaca. ✔ DISCOVER KEFALONIA WITH OUR TOURS! Book an unforgettable Tour in Kefalonia with … Read more

The history of Zeus or Dias island!

South of Kefalonia, at a distance of half a nautical mile from the shores of Livathos, the rocky isle of Zeus rises. Sharp on all sides and imposing, it has been characterized by Professor Spyros Marinato as “Marine Meteora”. The name Zeus received it, because in antiquity there was an altar of god Zeus on … Read more

YES YOU MAY! Greece holidays back on from May 14!

GREECE will open its doors to holidaymakers by May 14 in a huge boost for Brits desperate for a trip abroad. Brits are currently banned from taking holidays overseas, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson will reveal the date international travel will restart on April 12. here are hopes the PM will allow UK tourists to … Read more

Come to Kefalonia and find the island that time forgot!

Kefalonia is the sixth largest of all of the Greek islands close to Zakynthos  It was the setting for the 2001 Hollywood blockbuster Captain Corelli’s Mandolin The island is almost untouched by big tourism unlike its neighbouring islands  But there are still restaurants and tavernas selling reasonably priced food   ‘Over there,’ said our driver gesturing … Read more

Kefalonia named one of the European Best Destinations for 2021

Greece’s dazzling Kefalonia (Κεφαλονιά) ranks seventh in this year’s European Best Destinations competition. According to the announcement by the European Best Destinations, “This very special year we asked participants a simple question to which more than 600,000 travellers from 192 countries around the world answered: Where would you like to go on holiday in Europe … Read more

Kefalonia reopens to tourists after the cornonavirus lockdown!

As the world gradually reopens from coronavirus lockdowns, Greece is opening its borders to tourists on June 15. Greece, relying heavily on Summer travel, will attempt to jump-start the economy in time for the high season. Greece, with under 200 deaths and less than 3,000 of the virus, has been lauded for its early lockdown, … Read more

Start Planning…start dreaming your Vacation in Ionian Sea!

If you are dreaming of sailing off, keep in mind the emerald waters of the seaworthy Ionian Sea. Just head at the depth of the horizon, where the sky seems to be leaning on the sea. Feel the sun, the sea breeze and the ultimate sense of freedom. Enjoy unique underwater landscapes. Drop your anchor … Read more

A Night in Fiskardo

Fiscardo is a boaters paradise, which is not to say that it is any kind of paradise for the rest of us who are more land based, even if we love the sea. But this small fishing harbour is full or even better packed so densely with sailboats that you can barely see the water. … Read more